Art Surreal Tattoo

Cosmos Collide and Consume in Blackwork Tattoos by Nik Square

Star-filled portrait tattoo, blackwork tattoos

Tattoo artist Nik Square has us seeing stars. In his surreal blackwork body art, he combines elements of the galaxy with our civilization. Cats, flowers, and statues collide with constellations and planets—but it often appears that the universe is consuming its host. The blackness of cosmos and the scale of planets like Saturn strip away the identity of the figures they’re fused with and make them nearly unrecognizable. It’s as if Square is reminding us that the things we treasure on Earth are no match for what’s beyond the atmosphere.

Tattoo on leg

sculpture tattoo, outer space

Surreal tattoo on arm by Nik Square

medusa with cut out head, stars outer space tattoo

Rabbit tattoo on thigh

rose flash tattoo

Flower tattoo on arm

blackcat with stars, tattoo

Images © Nik Square