Neon Planet: Illustrations by Bang Sangho

blue galaxy, planet
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South Korean illustrator Bang Sangho takes us on a psychedelic journey to a new planet—submerging our eyes and mind into the imaginary depths of the neon sea and black holes. Crater-headed humans are ticking time bombs in this world, as their brains erupt like volcanoes and revealing their insides as star-filled galaxies. “There is an essential beauty in complicated places such as the universe, jungle and cell,” explains the artist. Inside out we are part of everything—the chaos and harmony of nature, and the universe.

walking on weird stuff, outer space planet girl, illustration in pink and yellow closeup of bike girl, planet
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
black holes and neon stuff, illustration exploding heads, pink galaxy exploding heads, volcanic planetary items, blue blue moon, craters, in water
Images © Bang Sangho
Adriana de Barros

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