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Mauro Gatti’s Funny (GIF) Tribute to Favorite Swear Words and More

“Fuck” and “Penis” are words that easily get censored on certain search engines and social networking sites. But even though the P word is the medical term for the external male organ, it doesn’t matter, it gets red flagged and often banned. Now the fun part is using these words in a humorous and web-animated […]

GIF Artist A. L. Crego Makes Graffiti Pieces Come to Life

In collaboration with design studio Mutante Creativo, videographer A. L. Crego created a promotional trailer for the annual outdoor art festival Rexenera in Spain. Footage included the making of massive murals by international graffiti stars Dulk, Pixel Pancho, Aryz, Bordalo II and Nómada. Not being content with just a video, Crego (also a GIF maker) […]

Enter the Magical World of Illustrator Aaron Campbell

Aaron Campbell’s newest illustrations look like a mash up of Nicolas Winding Refn’s neon lighting aesthetic in movie “Only God Forgives” with cute Disney characters. A style that is also present in the visuals of futuristic city Fleetwood, which Campbell is making for a graphic novel. Color gradients are heavily and lovingly used in most of […]

Swirly Fun Animated GIFs by Ni Fong

If you look attentively at Ni Fong’s zoetrope-style animated GIFs, you can see technicality in it. It isn’t just skulls and butterflies dancing around randomly, each shape connects with the other and other—metamorphosing like an insect life cycle. It is incredibly made by this Brussels-based illustrator who also animated and directed this music video for […]

Lego Minifigure Tattoos and More by Max Pniewski

There are portraits of people and animals, skulls, vampires, and a lot of Lego men. That’s right! Artist Max Pniewski gets many tattoo requests from clients for Lego Minifigures of DC Comics superheroes and Star Wars characters. This Polish tattooer working in Bristol (UK) has been inking for over 12 years, and in that time, […]

Photographing Superheroes in Solitude Mode

With his latest project “The Quest for the Absolute,” photographer Benoit Lapray has tapped into that quintessential superhero trait: the need for solitude. Being blessed with extraordinary powers over mankind these caped crusaders naturally feel disconnected from the rest of humanity. By positioning them in remote and spectacular natural settings, from mountain lakes to forests and underground […]

Kerby Rosanes’ Sketchbook Drawings from 2014

Known on Illusion as the “Filipino Doodler,” Kerby Rosanes has sketched his way to online fame—over 1 million people follow him on Facebook, keeping track of every black-ink doodle he makes. From a stringy cheetah to hundreds of wacky comic characters crammed on a piece of paper, his artwork is easily recognizable and sought after […]

Super Flemish by Sacha Goldberger

Sacha Goldberger’s latest photographic series is an upgrade from his 2013 project, which was inspired by Flemish portrait art from the 16th and 17th centuries. The upgrade is using superheroes and other movie characters as his models, all of them wearing rich-colored ensembles with the famous ruffs on necklines, and posing against nostalgic dark backgrounds. […]

10 Amazing Anime Films of 2014 and 2015

The Anime genre is beloved the world over for its distinct style of animation and its magical stories, rooted in science fiction and fantasy. There is a wealth of raw material to explore, from Manga to TV series and what we’re looking at in this article, the film adaptations. The titles selected here are all breathtaking works of […]

Grim Gargoyles and Superheros: The Art of Alex Ross

Often referred as the “Norman Rockwell of Comics,” Alex Ross is an acclaimed comic book artist who has illustrated more than 1,000 pages and covers in the course of 30 years. His newest work includes six paintings of Batman and Superman, each superhero posed in mid-air with a splendid backdrop of griffins and skyscrapers. These […]