Art Drawing Mixed Media Painting Sketchbooks Special Feature

Artists Who Use Their Sketchbook as Handheld Galleries

The sketchbook is a special place for an artist. It’s like a playground—a place where they can try out new techniques, imagery, and generate new ideas and ways of working. The pages can even offer a place to emotionally heal. The work done in a sketchbook is often incorporated into an artist’s larger, more finalized […]

Art Digital Drawing Sketchbooks

Gabriel Picolo’s Fun Sketchbook Art from 2015

He started off with the 365 day doodle project and quickly became known for these black-ink drawings of Anime and video game characters. But now the illustrator from Brazil, Gabriel Picolo, has stated that 2015 would be his most colorful year. So he’s implementing color to new Moleskine sketches using programs PaintTool SAI and Photoshop […]

3D Anamorphic Art Drawing Pencil Art Sketchbooks

New! 3D Illusion Drawings by Alessandro Diddi

Alessandro Diddi’s anamorphic art is not photorealistic, and that’s a good thing because the rough outlines and shading keeps our minds set that these are pencil drawings, which ends up accentuating the illustrated characters as if they are coming to life from sheets of paper. Like Animation, seeing a 2D sketch become a 3D moving […]

Animals Art Black & White Comics and Cartoons Drawing Sketchbooks

Kerby Rosanes’ Sketchbook Drawings from 2014

Known on Illusion as the “Filipino Doodler,” Kerby Rosanes has sketched his way to online fame—over 1 million people follow him on Facebook, keeping track of every black-ink doodle he makes. From a stringy cheetah to hundreds of wacky comic characters crammed on a piece of paper, his artwork is easily recognizable and sought after […]

Art Comics and Cartoons Drawing Sketchbooks

Monocat’s Crazy Doodles

Paul Schroeder is known as Monocat the vicious doodler and cartoonist who has worked on projects like “Minimalist British Humour” (which gives variety to the word butt), and “Eat Eggs to Maintain Your Health” a collaboration with writer Luke Walsh. Artwork © Monocat Via Doodlers Anonynmous

Art Drawing Sketchbooks

The Swiss Doodler

Artist Jared Muralt has drawn a lot of cool things from WWII comic book art to images for gig posters, but what stands out for me is his Moleskine doodles that indeed look natural, without any preparation and beautifully show imperfections. Selected here are nine drawings made with Faber-Castell fiber-tip pens from various sketchbooks. 1. Muralt, Jared. […]

Art Black & White Drawing Sketchbooks

Strange Sketchbook Art of Dogs, Ducks…

Note: Contains nudity. Are those rubber ducks coming out of the heads of conjoined twins? Anton Vill’s drawings are fascinatingly bizarre, and they look like they could fit into Hieronymus Bosch’s weird and elaborate art world. Vill’s work is open to interpretation, because only some of it hints what is really going on, like: “Bath,” […]

Art Landscape Photography Sketchbooks

Striking Infrared Photography

All of Daniel Zvereff’s art series display photographs accompanied with sketchbook notes and drawings. Although his pictures alone are beautiful depictions of locations like Greenland, Iceland, Canada, Alaska…, the notebook images are a diary of his travels providing us more insight. His initial interest was to document the arctic and sub-arctic regions of six countries, showing […]

Art City Painting Sketchbooks

Cityscape Moleskine Paintings

This is the fifth “Book of Paintings” by Missy Hammond Dunaway, an American artist living in Istanbul for a year due to a Fulbright Research Grant for fine arts. Her notebooks are beautifully painted with natural and acrylic inks, and each one includes about 50 pages which may take a full year to complete. Artwork […]

Art Best of 2014 Drawing Hyperreal Pencil Art Sketchbooks

A Clown and Eyeballs

Using Derwent watercolor pencils, Dino Tomic draws realistic portraits and anatomy studies filling almost completely each piece of paper. And although Tomic is being featured for his drawings, he is actually a tattooist and airbrush artist working in his own studio in Norway. He is definitely not a man of just one art medium, so it […]