3D Anamorphic Art Drawing Pencil Art Sketchbooks

New! 3D Illusion Drawings by Alessandro Diddi

3d snake drawing by alessandro diddi

Alessandro Diddi’s anamorphic art is not photorealistic, and that’s a good thing because the rough outlines and shading keeps our minds set that these are pencil drawings, which ends up accentuating the illustrated characters as if they are coming to life from sheets of paper. Like Animation, seeing a 2D sketch become a 3D moving character, there’s definitely a wow factor. Diddi’s work is light and playful and you can see more of it in a past post here.

alien (giger inspired) by alessandro diddi

surfer, 3d art by alessandro diddi

water into glass, drawing by alessandro diddi

man coming out of page, alessandro diddi

men climbing up ladders, alessandro diddi

apple, drawing by alessandro diddi

characters climbing up blocks, and two men pulling out of a sheet of paper

Artwork © Alessandro Diddi