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2020 A’ Design Awards: Early Call for Entries

The “A’ Design Award” is not just for design entrants, it is also a competition welcoming artists, tattooists, illustrators, inventors and others. There are precisely 100 categories to participate in, take a look and send in your strongest project. You have a few weeks left to enter this prestigious competition — the final deadline is […]

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10 Artists Who Reimagine the Creative Possibilities of Paper

There are endless possibilities when creating with paper. More than just a surface to draw on, artists manipulate the ancient material into sculptures, collages, and even fashion accessories. The diverseness of paper lends itself to a myriad of stylistic approaches and exploration of themes. Some artists use collage cutouts to create mystical characters, while others […]

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10 Recent Movies Based on Great Novels

The art of the screen adaptation is to somehow capture the spirit of the novel and transfer it into the film format. It is easier said than done, of course, and one of the major complaints often voiced by fans is that the film version “wasn’t as good as the book.” Equally, movies that slavishly […]

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Take a Bite of the Sandwich Book

Polish photographer Pawel Piotrowski has designed this really cool “Sandwich Book.”  However, I’m not sure what the goal of this hardcover is, except for being a fun item to page through once or twice, or even as an art piece to be on display. Piotrowski is looking for a publisher, so I guess he has […]

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Who Says Books Are Only Meant For Reading?

“All of my books are folded, never cut or glued, into my own designs. I try to find books that have been cast off, have lost their value as readable material and give them a second life as a small work of art,” [1] states this artist from the Exploded Library. And rest assured, she […]

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Tauba Auerbach’s RGB Colorspace Atlas

Tabua Auerbach’s “RGB Colorspace Atlas” is a beautiful 8 x 8 x 8-inch hard back book illustrating the RGB gradient in the page-by-page format using digital offset printing paper.

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Popping out of the Sketchbook

I absolutely love these Moleskine perspective drawings by Darren Frisina!

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Geometrical Poetry

Art director Takahiro Kurashima has designed an interactive book entitled “Poemotion.” He uses the Moire technique, which basically is a visual effect that occurs when viewing a set of lines overlapping another set of lines. In other words, this has to be mathematically planned out from the striped vertical bars printed on an acetate sheet […]

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Cat stuck in Book (Art)

Craftswoman Rachel Ashe makes art by altering old books—she cuts, folds, paints, and glues objects onto the pages. You can view more of her work at Flickr.

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B&W Sketchbook Art

Beautiful ink drawings by Irina Vinnik. View more of her artwork at Behance Network.