Dianne Mansfield’s Eye of the Beholder

Loretta Leu and Filip Leu, photo copyright by Dianne mansfield

The master photographer Dianne Mansfield’s “Eye of the Beholder” has been released in hardback format by Raking Light Projects. Mansfield has documented the tattoo community for over four decades in a raw and compelling manner, capturing the reality of a tattooer’s life and work. From photos of Pacific Islanders to images taken at major conventions, it is clear how far the art form has progressed in garnering large worldwide audiences. Mansfield has committed her career to portraying exceptional moments of human experiences, such as the striking portraits of luminaries Paul Rogers and Felix Leu (and son Filip).

A book suited for all collectors, artists, and tattoo admirers, this 175-page black-and-white photographic display is comparable to visiting an art museum or gallery. The publication may have benefitted from more written content about Dianne Mansfield; this may be a sign for me to interview her in the future. Mansfield is regarded as a premier tattoo photographer (detailing history), as Richard Todd (magazine editorial imagery), Masuto Sudo (Japanese artistic captures), and other pioneers who paved the way for future generations. I have personally expressed thanks to her for what she has done. As if Mansfield were passing the torch, her reaction to me was, “your turn.”

Tattoo Richard 2005 photo copyright dianne mansfield
Photo of Alex tattooed women copyright Dianne mansfield
tattooed man, photo copyright by Dianne Mansfield, japan
Sailor Ned, tattooed man, photo copyright Dianne mansfieldopy
Tattooed women, photo copyright by Dianne mansfield
Tahiti, Polynesian tattoo , photo copyright Dianne Mansfield
Portrait of american legend paul rogers, photo copyright by Dianne mansfield
Eye of the beholder by Dianne Mansfield, tattoo photo book
Photos © Dianne Mansfield