Category: Animals

Mythical Hand-Drawn Illustrations

The sublime illustrations published here are the works of artist Alejandro García Restrepo. He manages to render surreal visions in nothing but simple pencil. These include caskets being whisked away by hundreds of balloons and flamingos tied up in knots like something from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” He achieves a great level of contrast and shading […]

Drawings of Cats and a Bulldog who Loves to Read

She is known online as “The Calling of Drawing—L.A. Dessin” (that’s a serious title), but her real name is Lorine Angelmann from France. She is dedicated to making beautiful portraits of family pets and exotic animals using mechanical pencils for some, and for others, she does a complete 180 using bright-colored brush pens. Images © […]


Although millions of people visit Richmond Park in London, it doesn’t mean that they’ll all come out of there with beautiful photos in cameras. It requires precise timing and artistic sensibility to take great shots and that is what Sirli Raitma did last January, capturing painting-like scenes of deer in the mist. Photos © Sirli […]