From Folktales to Fireworks in New York City

town with chimney smoke as water, sea by brooke weeber

Growing up in various cities in Oregon, Brooke Weeber would spend much time outdoors. The sea, mountains, forests and animals are all things she has appreciated, and illustrated on paper. Using watercolor, ink and pencil, she creates whimsical scenes with smiley whales, bird-bearded sailors, and even a tribute to NYC (where she studied at one time). Her paintings have a Western folk art vibe and would beautifully fill the pages of children’s books.

sailor with elaboRATE BEARD BY BROOKE WEEBER girl feeding men to whale by brooke weeber moustache men with flowers and birds by brooke weeber
trees upside down and couple inside a whale's stomach by brooke weeber girl with brown hair floating into mountains by brooke weeber new york city and fireworks by brooke weeber 3 whales by brooke weeber mountain and sea painting by brooke weeber
Artwork © Brooke Weeber

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July 4, 2014 Animals Art Painting