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Black Art Matters: Artists of African Descent to Discover on Ello

Visual art allows anyone to confess their truth—no matter how different or inconvenient it might be for someone else. The likes of painting, photography, and film acts as a vehicle for exploring identity, reflecting on history, and celebrating culture. Of course, this isn’t specific to a race or society, but it is helpful, at times, […]

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10 GIF Artists Sending You into a Trance with Addictive Loops

“Choosy developers choose GIF,” developer Steve Wilhite once said about the new file format when it was introduced in 1987. The catchy tagline was a riff on the then-popular JIF peanut butter commercial. Today, GIFs are ubiquitous. They are widely shared and even the news is delivered with little snippets of the compressed animation. But […]

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2017 Scene360 Awards: Win a $500 Ello Art Grant

The 2016 Scene360 awards were a huge success! That is if you go by the number of entries in different categories and the quality of work on display. What was witnessed was an array of artistic creations from hyperrealistic drawings, tattoos, sculptures, music videos, spray painting, fashion shoots, documentaries, and photos resembling past-century paintings. This […]

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Self-Proclaimed “Creepster” Rachel Dreimiller Has a Gift for Spooky Embroidery

Rachel Dreimiller’s online moniker is “Spooky Ghoul” and she describes herself as a “Gothic Granny” and “creepster.” Her embroidery art is heavy on skulls and bony hands, a juxtaposition that turns a typically homey medium modern and edgy. The artist herself is equally contradictory; along with a love of zombies and Poe, she’s borderline obsessed […]