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10 Extraordinary Banned Horror Movies You Have To See

Horror movies have always sort to push the boundaries of taste and decency. Since the birth of the genre proper, in the 1930s, select titles have proven a challenge to censorship boards and morality groups, who champion clean and wholesome entertainment. Can horror movies corrupt young minds? Can horror movies turn audiences into drooling maniacs? […]

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10 Movies Banned for Sexually Explicit Content

Censorship boards do not like sex and yet nothing gets them more excited. Whether it’s straight, gay or fetish, there is a major discomfort with movies showing the power of sexuality and sexual acts up close and in detail. Even today, in the age of the Internet and the easy availability of online porn, arthouse […]

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10 Comedy Movies That Were Banned

The old saying goes that “laughter is the best medicine.” Unfortunately, the art of comedy is not as universally appreciated as you’d think. What plays well in one country might cause offence in another. With the controversy surrounding Seth Rogen’s “The Interview” still fresh in the pop culture ether, because it almost started World War […]