Category: Illustration

Riding a Wave of Money

This is one tidal wave I bet people wouldn’t mind being swept away in. German design studio Viaframe specialise in CGI projects, from conception through to realisation and have made many wonderful designs for their portfolio of clients. They have conceived imagery for the World Cup in Brazil and devised some witty 3D money illustrations. Images © […]

10 Celebrity Caricatures by Various Illustrators

Although Robert Pattinson has been included in this list, most illustrators tend to choose celebrities who have more wrinkles, or a big nose, or just facial personality that isn’t too symmetric and pretty. An example of this is literary Noble Prize winner Jose Saramago (who I met once at a book signing) whose face works wonders […]

Reimagining the Zodiac

This is the most recent project by London based illustrator Maria Tiurina: a highly original and visually captivating take on the ancient practise of the Zodiac. Thanks to her early sketches we are given a first hand view into the creation of her big eyed dolls, each one carefully rendered with the characteristics of a particular symbol. […]

Gooey Centered Planets and Letters

Warning: This article contains a nude related image. Viewer discretion is advised. FOREAL is an illustration and art direction studio managed by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster, both of these individuals strive to create eye-candy visuals. From Saturn’s gum-filled-center to silicone-shaped breasts forming the letter E, their creations are all about making something unique and […]