Gooey Centered Planets and Letters

white liquid coming out of planet by foreal

Warning: This article contains a nude related image. Viewer discretion is advised.

FOREAL is an illustration and art direction studio managed by Benjamin Simon and Dirk Schuster, both of these individuals strive to create eye-candy visuals. From Saturn’s gum-filled-center to silicone-shaped breasts forming the letter E, their creations are all about making something unique and interesting.

black liquid coming out of jupiter by foreal saturn gum inside, planetary anatomy by foreal
“Planetary Anatomy” (above), and “The Sculpted Alphabet” (below) by FOREAL.
breasts that form the letter E, by foreal letter g as a candle by foreal
letter N by foreal creamy letter p by foreal letter Q purple by foreal letter U with gold filling by foreal letter v with gum stuck on sneakers by foreal egg broken with yolk coming out by foreal, letter Y
Images © Foreal

Via Behance
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