Lace Tattoos by Falukorv

flamingo lace tattoo by falukorv
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French artist Falukorv adorns herself in vintage garments and traditional tattoos. Her pin-up fashion sense mirrors her design aesthetic: delicate with an old-school edge. At first blush, some might compare her to Dodie, but Falukorv differs by actually downplaying the embroidery. Her portfolio primarily focuses on neotraditional and realistic elements, using lace as a way to just highlight the main feature, a decoration designed to draw the eye in.

deer head lace tattoo by falukorv lace amulet tattoo by falukorv
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lace sunflower tattoo by falukorv lace matryoshka doll tattoo by falukorv lace amulet tattoo by falukorv japanese goldfish lace tattoo by falukorv
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