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Autumn Dancer Interview: Illustrative Magical Realism

A relative up-and-comer in the tattoo industry, Autumn Dancer has rapidly become an in-demand artist. Describing her style as a sort of “magical photorealism,” Dancer’s dark fantasy tattoos breath life into creatures that could not possibly exist in reality. While her professional time is dedicated to working on clients and attending conventions like the Van […]

Tattoos with Moments of Splendor by Matyas Halasz

Budapest-based artist Matyas Halasz finds moments of splendor in his colorful tattoos. Inspired by the cosmos, many of his works incorporate the galaxy fused with people and animals. His subjects contain multitudes of stars, signifying that they are more than what’s on their surface—their personalities and meanings are boundless. While Halasz’s tattoos often have a […]

Abstract Tattoos That Meander the Body by Chisato Chavo

Chisato Chavo creates abstract drawings on skin. The Japanese tattooer sketches minimalist scenes that meander across the body, with tiny characters and geometric shapes forming incomplete yet intriguing composition. Chavo is inspired by a myriad of artistic movements—Cubism and Dadaism make an appearance—as well as cartoons and comics. The subtle details are what makes Chavo’s […]

Phil Wilkinson Creates Dramatic Tattoos That Command Attention

Manchester-based artist Phil Wilkinson has a calligraphic flair in his expressive tattooing style. His animal subjects are crafted with chunky, angular marks, as if Wilkinson has chiseled them rather than etchings on the body. They create bold, deep lines that are dark and dramatic. It conveys a sense drama and urgency in his tattoos—the creatures command your attention […]

Masterfully Drafted Tattoos by OOZY Add Twist to Famous Art

South Korean tattoo studio OOZY utilizes exquisitely-etched lines to create body art that demonstrates a mastery of classic draftsmanship. Small hatches and thin precise marks are featured in tattoos of animals, portraiture, and art itself. Some of OOZY’s most impressive works are interpretations of famous paintings, like a series of chest tattoos of iconic Da Vinci […]

Mind-Bending Body Art: Interview with Tattoo Artist Łukasz Sokołowski

It’s as if the Polish-based creative Łukasz Sokołowski was destined to be a tattoo artist. He started his career not once, but twice: first as an inexperienced teenager that created some bad ink. After a long break, he returned to the field ready to try again. The second time Sokołowski started to tattoo, it stuck—he’s […]

Naturalistic Tattoos Resemble Vintage Etchings

Artist Pony Reinhardt transports us to the woods with her naturalistic tattoos. The monochromatic line drawings feature animals, flowers, and even fungi, stitched together in sprawling scenes that highlight the Earth’s beauty. Their detailed style showcases all of the outdoors, from meticulously-etched veins in leaves to roughly-textured bird beaks to the grain of wood on […]

Lace Tattoos by Falukorv

French artist Falukorv adorns herself in vintage garments and traditional tattoos. Her pin-up fashion sense mirrors her design aesthetic: delicate with an old-school edge. At first blush, some might compare her to Dodie, but Falukorv differs by actually downplaying the embroidery. Her portfolio primarily focuses on neotraditional and realistic elements, using lace as a way to just highlight the main feature, a decoration designed to draw the eye in. Images © Falukorv

Meticulously Stippled Ornamental Tattoos by Jessica Kinzer

Jessica Kinzer has only been tattooing since 2014, but she’s produced stunning body art in that time. She adorns her clients with monochromatic baroque designs that feature stylized flowers and elegant flourishes. To shade these sprawling pieces, she pricks the skin with countless tiny dots and creates a stippled effect. Kinzer’s works are inspired by more than […]