Discover a Surreal America in Logan Zillmer’s Photography

vicissitudes by logan zillmer, circular mirror above beach land
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These surreal conceptual images by American photographer Logan Zillmer show us the disruption of large open spaces of the Midwest and challenge our preconditioned perceptions of reality. Zillmer developed his signature style through experimentation with a variety of complex in-camera techniques and post-production tools. Inspired by iconic surrealist artist Rene Magritte, Zillmer aims to explore parallel universes and other mysteries in images he makes.

the code writers atelier by logan zillmer spur series by logan zillmer looking for sun by logan zillmer
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transfiguration by logan zillmer cars in the sky, rene magritte inspired the empire by logan zillmer spur series by logan zillmer escapism surreal photography by logan zillmer
Images © Logan Zillmer

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October 12, 2015 Digital Photography Surreal