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Discover a Surreal America in Logan Zillmer’s Photography

These surreal conceptual images by American photographer Logan Zillmer show us the disruption of large open spaces of the Midwest and challenge our preconditioned perceptions of reality. Zillmer developed his signature style through experimentation with a variety of complex in-camera techniques and post-production tools. Inspired by iconic surrealist artist Rene Magritte, Zillmer aims to explore […]

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In Sickness and Beauty: The Photography of Evelyn Bencicova

In haunting, theatrical compositions, photographer Evelyn Bencicova splices the beauty of vulnerability with the terror of illness and confinement. Recurring throughout her works are nude figures that crawl and cling together in empty, hospital-like rooms, their smooth, pallid skin evoking both a sensual euphoria and the fever of near-death. Sometimes the bodies arrange themselves into […]