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Live Leaf Tattoos by Rit Kit

“I’m a nature lover, so most of my sketches are related to flora,” Ukrainian tattooer Rit Kit explains. “But the more I drew, the more I wanted something fresh and native, to feel the plants without any steps in between.” Searching for a more organic design process, she started dipping live leaves in tattoo stencil […]

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Superpowers: Walking on Walls

Using multiple stencils and spray paint, Norwegian artist STROK has made these realistic looking people on walls. They are not relatives of Peter Parker, but they are strategically placed to create the illusion that they are walking on buildings. STROK has also painted individuals on other surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, and more. See […]

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Graffiti: It is Time For Change

Looking at C215’s spray paint portraits from a few years ago, it is noticeable an evolution in terms of line detail and coloring. And this just means that his stencil cutouts are much more complex. Additionally, it is intriguing that the artist shows his face in some pictures at Flickr, because most graffitists avoid that […]

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Large-scale Stencil Art

Most of Fin DAC’s artwork is done with single layered stencils, and when viewing just the sheets, it is pretty amazing to see the detailed cutouts. The artist also uses materials like spray paint and acrylic to color and compose each of his designs.

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Amazing Light Stencil Art

TigTag’s light painting is done in one continuous long-exposure shot. Although the images look like they were photo-manipulated, in reality no Photoshop was used. All of her stencils are hand cut and placed on a custom built light box.

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Cartoons to Graffiti

Graffitist Hamilton Yokota’s art style is influenced from his Japanese heritage and Brazilian upbringing. At age 13, he began drawing on the walls of his home, and instead of being punished by his mother, she realized his talent and encouraged him to learn more with Brazilian cartoonist Mauricio de Souza. For seven years, Souza taught […]

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Stuck in the Sewer

The illegal urban art of Sr. X. View more of his work on Flickr.

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Pop Andy and More Stencils

A collection of skull portraits made with spray paint and stencil on paper, by Orticanoodles. I’m not sure what the message is about the work?

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The Street Vandal

The graffiti art of Nick Walker.