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Radical Beauty: Elizaveta Porodina with Lily Moore

Elizaveta Porodina is a Munich-based (Moscow-born) fashion and fine-art photographer. Her work is experimental, bending reality with colour-burst surrealism and black-and-white romanticism. The emotional symbolism underlying her work derives from her studies in clinical psychology. Featured here is her contribution to Radical Beauty, a photo project aimed at challenging beauty normativity in contemporary culture. The […]

Motelscape: A Surreal Full-Room Critique of Fantasy and Commodified Desires

As part of last year’s Art Basel Miami Beach, multimedia artists Marina Fini, Signe Pierce, Sierra Grace, and Sydney Krause created “Motelscape,” an otherworldly full-room installation located in a love suite of the Miami Princess Hotel. Every object was specifically designed to convey a sense of replicated and illusory reality, such as the translucent plexiglass […]

Soulful-Eyed Girls that Melt Rainbows by Camilla d’Errico

Pop surrealist painter Camilla d’Errico melts rainbows with characters that have oversized, soulful eyes. They stare at the viewer with an overwhelming intensity, simultaneously communicating innocence with feelings of sadness, wonder, and boredom. In addition to her candy-colored characters, animals are another focal point of her paintings. They often act as an elaborate headpiece or […]