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Discomfort and Beauty: Dark Sculptures by Colin Christian

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Colin Christian is a London-born, US-based sculptor known for making playful, doll-like sculptures inspired by science fiction, electronic music, anime, and more. Since 2014, Christian’s works have delved into the darker territories of phobias and the erotic occult. It started with a […]

Siren: The Spectral and Grim Photography of American Ghoul

Daniel Vazquez (aka, American Ghoul) is a photographer with an enduring fascination for occult mythology and the supernatural. His Instagram is a stunning and haunting collection of images that depict dark rituals, impending deaths, and robed figures stalking through empty fields. In a series called “Siren,” Vazquez shot two specters on the storm-rent shore of […]

10 Conceptual Photographers Who Compose Visions of Surreal Darkness

The exploration of ideas and human experience is at the heart of conceptual photography. Despite its lengthy history—arising from the mind-centered works of artists such as Marcel Duchamp—conceptual art and photography have never been defined as official movements, but rather as creative methodologies. However, many young artists today are using photography in combination with Photoshop […]