Animation Art Experimental GIFs Motion

Getting High on Animated GIFs – Part 2

As crazy as the title of this post sounds out loud, Part 1 actually received a great number of visits (precisely 100,000 and counting), so it leads me to believe a lot of readers love animated GIFs! That’s a good thing, because I have another assorted selection by artists who take animation loops to a […]

Design Experimental Typography

Fun Letter Transformations

NY based graphic designer Tien-Min Liao experiments and studies the relationship between upper and lowercases. For each alphabet letter, the rules were she would paint black shapes on her hands but without additional editing, and with gestures she would have to form the two letter cases. It may look simple, but it is quite challenging […]

Art Black & White Erotic Experimental Movies Special Feature

Warhol: Blow Jobs and Factory Hipsters

Photo of Andy Warhol (1986) by/© Robert Mapplethorpe. Andy Warhol encapsulated the mass culture and kitschy pop art movement of the 50s and 60s with his infamous prints of Coca Cola bottles and Campbell soup cans. The man behind the art remains a great enigma though. It’s ironic that Warhol went to such great lengths […]

Character Design Clothing Experimental Fashion

Soundsuits by Nick Cave

Nick Cave brings art, fashion and sculpture to life with his incredible “Soundsuits.” These extravagant wearable pieces are made out of stuffed animals, twigs, sequins, and thousands of buttons. His latest work can be seen at Fantastic 2012 in France.

Art Experimental Recycled Special Effects Tape

Let the Tape Unroll

“Tape Generations” is an experimental project by Johan Rijpma. The artist has stuck a bunch of tape rolls to a flat surface, positioned them in a symmetrical shape, and with the force of gravity these objects begin to move in unpredictable ways. It is fascinating to watch!

3D Art Experimental Geometric Street Art

Geometrical Rope Graffiti

The outdoor art interventions of Moneyless.

Abstract Animation Experimental Geometric Music Video

Hypnotic Visuals and Sound

This music video was made for Amon Tobin’s “Fan Video Project.” It was directed and animated by Jim Jam Graphics and XYZee Design. “Taking inspiration from the title of the track [“Calculate”] as well as the music, we wanted to make a music video set in a simple graphical world of calculation and information processing,” […]

Design Experimental Music

“Feats Per Minute”–A Record Playing BMX Bike

Recently exhibited at the “Dezeen Space” is this unique bicycle with vinyl records implemented onto its wheels. The fun thing about it is, it actually plays music. The project was envisioned and built by designers Merel Sloother, Liat Azulay and Pieter Frank de Jong. Photos © Feats Per Minute Via Inhabitat

Experimental Movies

Floating House from Pixar’s “UP”

National Geographic Channel has teamed up with engineers, scientists, and balloon pilots to make a life-size replica of Pixar’s floating house from movie, “Up” (2009).  The behind-the-scenes of this project have been filmed and will be aired on National Geographic’s new series “How Hard Can it Be?, which will debut next fall.