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Getting High on Animated GIFs – Part 2

distorted face, cinemagraph by jon jacobsen

As crazy as the title of this post sounds out loud, Part 1 actually received a great number of visits (precisely 100,000 and counting), so it leads me to believe a lot of readers love animated GIFs! That’s a good thing, because I have another assorted selection by artists who take animation loops to a crazy-cool level.

cinemagraphs by jon jacobsen

Top: Photographer Jon Jacobsen makes two strange neoclassical style animations. It is like he mashed together a Jacques-Louis David painting with one of Salvador Dali’s.

cloth scarf on face, animated gif by Romain Laurent

purple smoking coming out of woman's face by Romain Laurent

Romain Laurent is known for his photographic ad campaigns for Panasonic, Coca-Cola and Nissan, but that’s not all, his unusual GIF animations have attracted much interest around the web.

comic sock transformation, miranda pfeiffer animated gif

eyeball animation by miranda pfeiffer

These are just two drawings out of a group of others that Miranda Pfeiffer has converted into loop sequences.

popper, 3d shape transformations, animated gif by Matthew Lucas

rainbow colored donut twirl, animated gif by Matthew Lucas

Graphic designer Matthew Lucas has a full website dedicated to small animations of 3D objects and vehicles.

animated gif, street art by INSA

Insa letters on wall, animated gif

Graffiti artist INSA takes photos of some of his murals, and adds a bit of  pazaaz movement to them.

animated gif by skylar brown

animated gif by skylar brown film like

Film-like clips by Skylar Brown, an illustrator currently studying experimental animation at CalArts.
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