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Abstract Tattoos and Feminist Spaces: Katakankabin Interview

Katakankabin (“Kat” for short) is a tattoo artist working in an experimental style she calls “custom black lines.” Animals, plants, and topographic outlines are abstracted into undulating forms that merge with the contours of the body. Her work is an expression of intangible energies, such as movement and emotion. Having traveled extensively, Kat currently works […]

Tattooing Without Rules: Interview with Frank Carrilho

Scene360 has a particular appreciation for the work of Brazilian-born tattoo artist Frank Carrilho, whose stunning “chaotic blackwork” style we’ve featured twice before. You can imagine our excitement when we learned Carrilho was attending the 15th annual Art Tattoo Montreal Show, and we quickly lined up an exclusive interview with him. Carrilho has become increasingly […]

No Gods: Julian Siebert Interview x HR Giger Museum

Already known for biomechanical tattoos, German artist Julian Siebert came to impress at the 27th Berlin Tattoo Convention with a double “Baphomet” back piece, influenced from HR Giger’s “Necronomicon.” He did not produce a remake, but inspired and created his own original work; a challenging tattoo cover-up that took him 24 hours to ink during […]

An Interview with Raya Souza, a Rising Star on the PT Tattoo Scene

With so many big names coming to tattoo conventions, it is also enjoyable meeting promising artists who are in their developing years and super excited about life and work. Raya Souza, a Lisbon-based artist that has loads of energy, positive energy—and it shines through her colorful artwork and personality. She is openly gay, married to […]