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Interview with Tattoo Goddess Ryan Ashley Malarkey

In just a few years Ryan Ashley Malarkey has soared to international fame by winning the 2016 “Ink Master” and starring on the 2017 reality show, “Ink Master: Angels.” In 2018 she was the most sought-after tattooist—headlining conventions in many countries including the United States, Mexico, England, Spain—and on the cover of top magazines Tattoo […]

Nikko Hurtado: Work Smart and Be Grateful

We met up with tattooist Nikko Hurtado at the end of a warm-winter day at the conference hall, a building located across the Golden State Tattoo Expo in Pasadena, where he and other prominent colleagues Joe Capobianco and BJ Betts conducted workshops to aspiring artists. Hurtado, the event co-host and studio owner of Black Anchor, […]

The Tattoo Expo at Feather Falls Casino in Oroville, California

Although not a lot of people knew where Oroville was (a pleasant town north of Sacramento in California), many tattoo enthusiasts made their way there to see the Feather Falls (Casino) Tattoo Expo, organized by Chris Earl who also held the Fresno event a week ago. Celebrities like Tommy Montoya, Ryan Ashley Malarkey and BABA […]

The Valley’s Big Fresno Tattoo Convention

Celebrating its 15th year at the Fresno Fairgrounds, the event welcomed a packed arena of spectators admiring the work of 200 tattooers from all over the United States. From Berkeley’s freehand tattooer Dave Moore to Seal Beach’s Mr. Lucky inking an epic flower on a client’s head, the predominant styles were American traditional, Asian, and […]

Michela Bottin Interview: NYC, Tattooing, and Scarification

We met and interviewed Michela Bottin in 2017, at the Setubal Tattoo Convention, she was one of the more sought-after tattooists because of her differential style inspired by Japanese and American cartoons. Her colorful tattoos made people smile and that’s likely the reason why she was invited to participate in “Hope vs Cancer” organization, which […]

The Santa Cruz Tattoo Expo Rocks!

Although it was a stormy-skied February weekend in the central coastline of California, there was immediate warmth once entering the Kaiser Permanente Arena for the Santa Cruz Tattoo Expo. The environment was pleasantly inviting for everyone—the artists, vendors, spectators and press; a well-organized event by Tom Hernandez of Tattoo Tour and Basiks Shop. While tattoo […]

Event Coverage of the Golden State Tattoo Expo

One thing you can expect in California is a chill environment, that’s the weekend we had in Pasadena at the Golden State Tattoo Expo, organized by Inked magazine and co-hosted by Carlos Torres and Nikko Hurtado. Other headliners were “Ink Master’s” Season 8 winner Ryan Ashley Malarkey and distinguished painter Michael Hussar, the latter instructing […]

An Exciting Look at the 2018 Lisbon Tattoo Rock Fest

Scene360’s focus is tattoo art not music, however, the Lisbon Tattoo Rock Fest presented great live-band shows from Sheer Terror to Bizarra Locomotiva. The event was cancelled last year but the organization came back bigger than ever with over 100 tattoo artists in the “Sala Tejo” in Altice Arena, located in a gorgeously modern area […]

Tribes of the Future: Interview with Tattooist Hanumantra

“I like the dystopian; what will the future be? [Like “Blade Runner” and “The Fifth Element”] What would the people look like in the future?” explains Hanumantra about his vision and creation of blackwork as the future of tattooing. This UK-based tattooist Hanumantra spent a decade traveling with his life and business partner Jo Harrison […]