Nightscape Photography: In Search of the Milky Way

man searching for something on a hill, flashlight, by nicholas reommelt

Nowadays it may be challenging for some of us to let go of our cellphones, tablets or desktop computers, even for brief moments. But if we were in the presence of scenic views like the ones shown here, we’d probably enjoy moments without Wi-Fi connections. These gorgeous photos were captured in various European countries by Nicholas Roemmelt, an Austrian-based photographer (also a dentist) who is devoted to nature photography and time-lapse films.

stunning landscape photo by nicholas reommelt church and milky way sky by nicholas reommelt gradient sky by by nicholas reommelt
reflection photo of snowy mountains and milky way, by nicholas reommelt milky way and mountains, by nicholas reommelt landscape photography with mountains and sky by nicholas reommetl
Photos and video © Nicholas Roemmelt

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