Art Light Painting Photography Special Feature

Amazing Night Photography

Whether shooting landscapes, cityscapes or fashion, Night Photography can be very tricky to get right. There are so many more elements to think about when you are cut off from the sun or artificial light sources: the lifeblood of taking pictures. But the plus side is that it gives snappers the chance to be more creative […]

Art City Color Light Photography

Takashi Kitajima’s Dazzling Bokeh Photography of Tokyo

Having spoken with Takashi Kitajima about his beautiful pictures of Tokyo in 2013, it is now a good time to follow-up and see what else he is photographing at night. This computer software engineer says he “hardly goes out. Strikes keyboards every morning to midnight,” but apparently when he is outdoors, it’s the right hour […]


Photographing The Stars Within Us

These stunning photographic creations by Patrick Lienin were exposed to light for 10 seconds and a stroboscopic lamp for 1 second. The rain (at the beach where they were shot) lent the images an extra bit of magic with their star-like look in the final prints. Images © Patrick Lienin Via Behance

Art City Photography

Amazing Time Slice Photography

These images by LA-based motion designer Michael Marker-Moore are time slice photographs, created as a montage of individual pictures of the same location at different times of the day. The subjects for this inspired project are cities across North America (New York, Chicago, Toronto, etc) and they are portrayed through a fresh, visually stimulating lens. […]

Art Landscape Outdoors Photography Video

Nightscape Photography: In Search of the Milky Way

Nowadays it may be challenging for some of us to let go of our cellphones, tablets or desktop computers, even for brief moments. But if we were in the presence of scenic views like the ones shown here, we’d probably enjoy moments without Wi-Fi connections. These gorgeous photos were captured in various European countries by […]

Art Color Landscape Photography

Phenomenal Night Skies: Photography by Lincoln Harrison

Capturing star trails in all their glory is a difficult, but an artistically fulfilling way to shoot landscapes. The photographer Lincoln Harrison is an expert at capturing this style of imagery. And while they may look like the result of extensive computer editing, they are in fact the work of patient night shooting with long […]