10 Fantastical Lights Paintings by Various Artists

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When done well painting or photographing light can be a spectacular feast for the senses. And the two artists showcased here have definitely got things right. Patrick Rochon and Eric Paré are masters of this art form as you can plainly see from the shots on this page. Everything from the electric colours to the movement of the dancers intoxicate and thrill.

light-painting-17 patrick rochon light photography light-painting-16 patrick rochon blue light painting
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eric pare light painting graffiti style light painting in white and yellow, by eric pare rin light painting by eric pare circle, ring light painting by eric pare light painting photography eric pare
Top: Paré combines light painting with digital art to make this image.
Images 1 – 5 © Patrick Rochon.
Images 6 – 10 and Video © Eric Paré.

Via Light Painting Photography and 500px
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June 6, 2014 Art Light Photography