Tattoo-Inspired Woodcuts by Bryn Perrott

grim reaper in tropical island, woodcut by bryan perrott
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Bryn Perrott’s cool wood carvings are the result of: A) she was a printmaking major in college, B) she has worked in a tattoo shop which influenced her illustration style. Some of her designs have a cartoon flair, for example the Grim Reaper who is flustered as he surfs four waves near a paradisiac island; another example is Casper the Friendly Ghost and Snowball I and II.

sail boat on waves, woodcut by bryan perrott tiger going down, woodcut by bryan perrott tattoo style woodcut by bryan perrott
Tatoo book
Tatoo book
cross, eye, and tear heart, woodcut by bryan perrott snake and tiger woodcut by bryan perrott cat riding whale, woodcut by bryan perrott
Photos © Bryn Perrott

Reference: Evans, Michelle. "Michelle Interviews Bryn Perrott (The Lucero EP cover designer). Ninebullets. May 9th, 2013.

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