wolf and woman, overlay tattoo

Overlay Tattoos: An Update from Pablo Puentes

double-up tattoos, wolves and women, red and black

Pablo Puentes’ “double up” tattoos (as he labels them) became viral in 2016—see our past post here. Since then the Canadian artist continues to work on superimposed designs that are frequently requested by his clients. Female beauties and beasts are crawling and clawing away in recurring themes; he merges “people with animals, reverting humanity back to base-level instincts, and stripping away civilized behavior (and clothes) to show the raw energy underneath”; often inking in red and black in a pen style. He also dedicates a big part of his portfolio to sketchbook-art tattoos in black pigment only; take a look at more of his work on Instagram.

wolf and woman, overlay tattoo

wolves fighting and woman tattoo

cat woman tattoo

flight, eagle and man tattoo

eagle and woman tattoo, red and black

fighting animals tattoo, overlay tattoo

animal fight tattoo

horse and woman, overlay tattoo

woman and beast crawling tattoo

Images © Pablo Puentes