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Overlay Tattoos: An Update from Pablo Puentes

Pablo Puentes’ “double up” tattoos (as he labels them) became viral in 2016—see our past post here. Since then the Canadian artist continues to work on superimposed designs that are frequently requested by his clients. Female beauties and beasts are crawling and clawing away in recurring themes; he merges “people with animals, reverting humanity back […]

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Autumn Dancer Interview: Illustrative Magical Realism

A relative up-and-comer in the tattoo industry, Autumn Dancer has rapidly become an in-demand artist. Describing her style as a sort of “magical photorealism,” Dancer’s dark fantasy tattoos breath life into creatures that could not possibly exist in reality. While her professional time is dedicated to working on clients and attending conventions like the Van […]

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Inside the 1st Van Isle Tattoo Expo

Scene360 had the privilege of attending the first annual Van Isle Tattoo Expo. The Expo, located in the conference centre attached to The Empress hotel in downtown Victoria, sought to bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary art styles, and to do so in a respectful way. Organized by Ryan Bishop and Jordan Pringle of […]

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Mysteries and Dark Tales: Tattoos by Meagan Blackwood

Meagan Blackwood is a Montreal-based tattoo artist who uses black vegan ink to produce mystical, thought-provoking images. Visiting her Instagram portfolio is like opening an illustrated book of Grimm’s fairytales; animals, people, and disembodied parts dance across skin or pose in an esoteric fashion, everything tinged with an aspect of playfulness and/or darkness. With her […]

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Strange and Erotic Minimalist Tattoos by Curt Montgomery

Curt Montgomery is a Toronto-based tattoo artist currently working out of Holy Noir. He has garnered a lot of attention on social media, and it’s easy to see why; he tattoos fun, strange, and erotic scenes (often explicit ones) with few lines. Some of the designs featured here are the products of ideas his clients […]

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Candy-Colored Tattoos by Katie Shocrylas

Katie Shocrylas creates tattoos that look like an edgier version of the iconic illustrator Lisa Frank. The rainbow-colored works use a similarly vibrant palette that turns everything—no matter how realistic her drawings may be—into a technicolor dreamscape. For Shocrylas, the relationships that come from tattooing is truly special. “I have always loved the fact that […]