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A Visual Analysis of Ridley Scott’s “Alien” Series

Ridley Scott is among the most acclaimed filmmakers of all time, but his landmark work in sci-fi cinema, especially the “Alien” series, is arguable his greatest contribution to movies. Released in 1979, “Alien” is one of those genre-crossing works which changed both sci-fi and fright flicks forever. A haunted house horror film set in outer […]

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No Gods: Julian Siebert Interview x HR Giger Museum

Already known for biomechanical tattoos, German artist Julian Siebert came to impress at the 27th Berlin Tattoo Convention with a double “Baphomet” back piece, influenced from HR Giger’s “Necronomicon.” He did not produce a remake, but inspired and created his own original work; a challenging tattoo cover-up that took him 24 hours to ink during […]