Tag: Eye Art

Eyes Wide Open: The Detailed Pencil Drawings of Flavio Apel

His greatest passion, drawing, started as a hobby. Flavio Apel, born in Italy and also half German, is currently one of the artists permanently displayed at the Gallery Rasch in the palace and park-filled city of Kassel in Germany. His hyperrealistic eye drawings have captured the attention of offline and online viewers, as they are […]

An Eye for An Eye: The Perspective Illusions of Michael Murphy

You may remember TIME’s 2012 “Person of the Year” magazine cover with a portrait of Obama—the image created with strings and cardboard cutouts by Michael Murphy, an American sculptor living in Brooklyn, NY, acclaimed for his illusional artworks. The artist has been featured on too many print publications to count; his pieces displayed in outdoor […]

Seductive 3D Drawings by Joshua Krecioch

Glossy lips and blue eyes with big lashes have been Joshua Krecioch’s subject matters for a number of drawings. A sexual vibe is present in many of these images which have been printed on t-shirts for his online shop, WellCulturedCo. This young artist who will be attending the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (this […]