Tattoos of the Mighty “Eye of Providence”

eye of providence, tattoo by bang bang

The “Eye of Providence” is a symbol displaying an eye often within a triangle and encircled with rays of light and/or with clouds. “It is sometimes interpreted as representing the eye of God watching over humankind (or divine providence).” [1] It has a long history, found in settings both secular and religious; a controversial symbol as there are various interpretations about its origins and meaning—some seeing it as good, and others associating it with evil.

Focusing on what we concretely can see, the “Eye of Providence” is commonly viewed on the back of $1 bills as part of the Great Seal of the United States, on the coat of arms of Brasłaŭ, Belarus and Kalvarija, Lithuania; the seal of the State of Colorado, The University of Mississippi, University of Chile, and elsewhere.

Top: A beautiful tattoo of the all-seeing eye of God by BANG BANG.

hand holding a candle and eye of providence tattoo on chest by jonny breeze

Butterflies and divine light; ink by Jonny Breeze.

all seeing eye on arm by valentin hirsh

The minimalist “Eye of Providence” by Valentin Hirsh.

all-seeing eye tattoo sleeve by valentin hirsh

Another one by Hirsch, this time he stacks graphical elements like a totem pole.

eye of providence tattoo on back by bicem sinik

Simple and elegant: the linework of Turkish artist Bicem Sinik.

Eye of providence in tattoo chest piece by thomas hooper

Black outlining, no shading; the beautiful chest piece by Thomas Hooper.

eye of god tattoo by david  j. wilson

A stormy neo-traditional design by David J. Wilson.

eye of providence tattoo by Bang bang nyc and geometric eye of god by thomas sinnamond

Left: Another amazing eye by BANG BANG (NYC). Right: The geometric, metaphysical tattoo of Thomas Sinnamond (via Tattrx).

artistic version of the all-seeing eye tattoo by ien levin

The otherworldly, surrealist art of Ien Levin.

eye of providence on hand palms, by chaim machlev, dotstolines

Double vision: “Eye of Providences” by Chaim Machlev.

deer with eye of providence Miguel Lepage at Tatouage Saving Grace

Spiritual stag by Miguel Lepage from Saving Grace Tattoo studio.
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All tattoos © respective artists.