SVPRR: Stay Cold Apparel’s Superior Line

black and red hoody, embroidery, sleeves. stay cold apparel, the superior line, soldout

Made in Berlin, Germany — Stay Cold Apparel has been a bloodthirsty reference in the tattooed communities, having previously collaborated with dark artist Matt Chaos and Cristian Casas. Their latest collection “SVPRR” (aka “The Superior Line”) has surpassed anything they have created till now. Taking a year to plan and meticulously execute by creator Maximilian Abraham and Sarah Hanisch. They “worked in secret to create this new, elevated version of [them]selves.” Their goal was to reflect on the entirety of the clothing line — from fabric, to fitting, to embroidery — striving for perfection! The quality and aesthetic of “SVPRR” is so incredibly good that all “Bloodshot” hoodies were immediately sold upon launch. And once gone, they are gone forever, no restocking! Follow Stay Cold Apparel on Instagram and TikTok to get updates of their new releases.

bloodshot black hoody sweater, tattoo inspired clothing, stay cold apparel, the superior line, SVPRR

dark lettering, bloody style. Tattooed man. Clothing, Stay cold apparel, bloodshot

bloodshot hoody, superior clothing line

fanny pack, superior apparel bag

bomber jacket yellow and chamoflauged, superior line, stay cold apparel

bomber jacket, stay cold apparel, tattoo fashion

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