10 Great Examples of 3D Typography

yola letters, yellow water slide by FOREAL
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From a water slide structure forming the word “YOLO” (short for “You Only Live Once,” so might as well jump on it), to grilled burger meat shaped to spell “Relish,” there is a lot you can do with 3D typography… especially nowadays with current software. Of course, just imagining things in your head is easier to do than actually rendering the graphics on the computer. The illustrators selected here spend hours perfecting each letter—a bit more shading, texture, lighting—to make it right for the next advertising campaign.

Top: “You Only Live Once” by FOREAL.
3d letters (electronica) by neil stevens
“Electronica” by Neil Stevens.
new york city lettering in 3d, neon yellow lights by peter tarka
“Typography 11—August MMXIII” by Peter Tarka.
kalahari, water slide in blue, 3d typography by foreal
“Kalahari—Resorts.” Creative direction by Tom Gorton, art direction and CGI by FOREAL.
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Tatoo book
clubbers guide to 2011, 3d letters in pink like toothpaste, by luke choice
“Clubbers Guide” by Luke Choice.
"Echo Bites" by Artern Sukhinin.
“Echo Bites” by Artern Sukhinin.
"The New Pornographers" by Steven Wilson.
“The New Pornographers” by Steven Wilson.
burger branston by sean freeman, typography
“Branston’s Relish” by Sean Freeman.
rv trailer with typography: land of the free by chris labrooy
“Land of the Free” by Chris LaBrooy.
Soho House - Winter Music At The Beach House by Charles Williams
“Winter Music at the Beach House” by Charles Williams.
Typography designs © respective illustrators and studios
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