Category: Mixed Media

A River of Gold

These colourful paintings by Spanish artist Paco Pomet are really something. The contrast he creates between both nature and the city and colour and black and white is a joy to behold. The imagery sits somewhere between Huckleberry Finn and John Steinbeck, but the execution is marked by a modern touch. Images © Paco Pomet Via […]

The Street Art Parrot

Portuguese street artist Bordalo II, born and raised in Lisbon, takes the gritty urban landscape as his canvas in which to perfect his mixed media style effects. His works literally leap out from the wall as he sources the streets for his supplies: giant, rainbow-hued parrots built up from tires and scrap pieces of metal and flowers made […]

Decomposing Paintings

The visual artist Valerie Hegarty, originally from Vermont and now based in New York, takes great pleasure in the destruction of painting. Her art breaks down the traditional boundary between the artwork and the canvas, as everything from wildflowers to bullet holes emerge and rupture the surface. Truly staggering. Images © Valerie Hegarty Via Tumblr