Category: Flowers and Plants

The Alien, Floral Beauty of Patricia Piccinini’s New Works

Note: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Patricia Piccinini is an Australia-based multimedia artist known for her large sculptures of fleshy hybrids that trouble the categories of human and animal, natural and unnatural. In the past year, she has created some astounding sculptures of alien-like flowers, titled “Bootflower,” “Metaflora […]

Boys + Flowers: Photography by Aleksandra Kingo

Originally from Lithuania but now based in London, fashion photographer Aleksandra Kingo has a seductive visual style that is marked by a fearless use of colour and a pop culture aesthetic. There is an undercurrent of irony running through her work which is lovely to see: playfully skewers the macho male identity by covering her models […]

Cal Redback’s Strange Hybrid of Humans and Trees

The beard trend is lasting longer than imagined. How about “Treebeards”? Cal Redback has given a new spin to the beard fashion in his latest portrait series that has a similar aesthetic to Alberto Seveso’s famous digital art. Some of his weird hybrid plant-people look a bit ghastly (see pic #4) resembling the scary Michael Myers. […]

Optical Illusions: Find the Hidden Animals in the Rainforest

Anaïs Boileau is a French illustrator and art director based in Paris. Her WWF/Botanimal project published on these pages, a collaboration with Samuel Volk, is a testament to her vision and skill. All the creatures of the rainforest are seamlessly submerged into the trees and forest floor, which makes up this delicate ecosystem. These are […]

The Rhino and the Skull by Ivan Kamargio

Ivan Kamargio is a graphic designer, photographer and illustrator from Mexico. The style of imagery in his art is defined by the macabre and the surreal. We’ve got an array of skulls and metamorphosis of women into exotic birds. When you look closely at the way he manipulates his pencil you can see a great level of skill, particularly, in his shading […]