Author: Hayley Evans

Jeremy Gibbs’ Poetic Nude Portraits in Scenes of Ruin

Note: Contains nudity. Jeremy Gibbs (aka, RomanyWG) is an English photographer and urban explorer with an eye for scenes of beauty and desolation. In the set featured here, titled “Ayla in Decay,” Gibbs traveled to abandoned locations in France and Belgium to capture the ethereal, haunted quality of the nude body amidst architectural ruin. Ayla […]

The Haunting, Futuristic Dreamscapes of Jie Ma

Jie Ma is a Shanghai-based digital artist who produces atmospheric scenes of futuristic, dream-like worlds. In a beautiful collision of fantasy and science fiction imagery, slain astronauts ride home on horseback through the falling rain, and alien fortresses loom coldly under storm-bruised skies. Jie Ma’s epic visions stir the emotions, compounding genres and mythology to imaginatively […]

Twisted Taxidermy by Emi Slade

Warning: Contains images that may be considered graphic and disturbing to some readers. Emi Slade is a Michigan-based artist who creates beautifully grotesque hybrids made from taxidermied animal parts* and surrealist sculptural elements. Part nightmare, part fairy tale, Slade’s creations terrify and ignite the imagination with their gleaming eyes, spilled viscera, and rows of razor-sharp […]