Modern Anxieties: Grotesque, Hyperrealistic Paintings by Beau White

Beau White - Banquet

Australian artist Beau White paints surreal, hyperrealistic images that take a magnifying glass to human fallacies and anxieties. Among his absurd and grotesque imagery are large parasitic worms that feast on people and pomegranates—the latter of which, when split open, resemble an eviscerated body, playing with our discomforts surrounding death and decay. The fetal “Chickenpig” and face wrapped in a garbage bag are similarly fascinating yet uncomfortable to look at. The body of work featured here explores the the urge to resist and control nature, as well as the “artificial quagmire of consumerism and domestic suffocation.”

Beau White - Feast

Beau White - Host

Beau White - Thirst

Beau White - Chickenpig

Beau White - Bind

Beau White - Muzzle

Beau White - Glad

Beau White - Vessel

Images © Beau White

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