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The Selfie Apocalypse: Marvelous Mutants by Mothmeister

Mothmeister - crowned figure with monkey

The artistic duo known as Mothmeister brings taxidermy to life in nightmarishly endearing photoshoots. Combining perished and preserved animals with models dressed up in masks and begrimed clothing, they create Frankenstein-esque humanoids who behold the camera with a shameless sense of pride. The barren, apocalyptic backgrounds provide the perfect settings for the artists to parody the relentless, empty exhibitionism of internet selfie culture.

Mothmeister - humanoid pig

Mothmeister - grotesque bride

Mothmeister - cloth-headed figure with sloth

Mothmeister - pig-headed figure with boxing glove

Mothmeister - figure with fox

Mothmeister - masked figure with raccoon

Mothmeister - bizarre figure with baby pig

Mothmeister - white crowned figure with bird

Mothmeister - white clown

Images © Mothmeister