Tattoos with Moments of Splendor by Matyas Halasz

fox and flowers tattoo by Halasz Matayas
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Budapest-based artist Matyas Halasz finds moments of splendor in his colorful tattoos. Inspired by the cosmos, many of his works incorporate the galaxy fused with people and animals. His subjects contain multitudes of stars, signifying that they are more than what’s on their surface—their personalities and meanings are boundless.

While Halasz’s tattoos often have a space theme, the artist does forgo it. There is still an element of brilliance, however, in a watercolor-style that highlights the beautiful colors of nature.

fox with eye patch tattoo
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owl tattoo by Halasz Matayas flower tattoo by Halasz Matayas astronaut dog and deer tattoos by Halasz Matayas fox and space tattoo man with galaxy face and cat tattoos, double exposure
Images © Matyas Halasz.

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