So PineNut’s Dark Retelling of Stories in the Bible

Noah`s Boat-Genesis Of CRAZYCITY
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So PineNut is a Tokyo, Japan-based artist creating dramatic works entirely out of graphite. Inspired by the Bible, the works feature stories about Adam in the Garden of Eden, the animals of Noah’s Ark, and the famed city of Babel. PineNut’s emotionless figures engage in a dark and realistically-drawn retelling where cannibalism, sacrifice, and mutilation are told with harrowing detail.

Eden's Adam Gensis by So PineNut Noah's Boat Genesis by So Pinenut
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Tatoo book
drawing by So PineNut drawing by So PineNut drawing by So PineNut drawing by So PineNut drawing by So PineNut
Images © So PineNut.
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