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Abstract Tattoos That Meander the Body by Chisato Chavo

Chisato Chavo creates abstract drawings on skin. The Japanese tattooer sketches minimalist scenes that meander across the body, with tiny characters and geometric shapes forming incomplete yet intriguing composition. Chavo is inspired by a myriad of artistic movements—Cubism and Dadaism make an appearance—as well as cartoons and comics. The subtle details are what makes Chavo’s […]

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So PineNut’s Dark Retelling of Stories in the Bible

So PineNut is a Tokyo, Japan-based artist creating dramatic works entirely out of graphite. Inspired by the Bible, the works feature stories about Adam in the Garden of Eden, the animals of Noah’s Ark, and the famed city of Babel. PineNut’s emotionless figures engage in a dark and realistically-drawn retelling where cannibalism, sacrifice, and mutilation […]

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Mind-Bending Body Art: Interview with Tattoo Artist Ɓukasz SokoƂowski

It’s as if the Polish-based creative Ɓukasz SokoƂowski was destined to be a tattoo artist. He started his career not once, but twice: first as an inexperienced teenager that created some bad ink. After a long break, he returned to the field ready to try again. The second time SokoƂowski started to tattoo, it stuck—he’s […]

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Sprawling Drawings by Benze Invite You to Explore Every Detail

Hungary-based artist Benze infuses thousands of fine details into his gorgeous drawings. In the scope of a single picture, there are countless elements to look at and admire. This is intentional—Benze creates his pieces to be viewed on both a macro and micro scale. “Each work,” he writes, “has its own gravitational field.” You can’t […]