Fish-Eyed Omens: Surreal Paintings by Hannah Faith Yata

Hannah Faith Yata - Polymorphous (Furies) - oil painting of twisting serpent hybrid creatures
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Note: Contains nudity and sexual references.

The world of Hannah Faith Yata is a psychedelic, symbolic feast. Interested in themes of feminism, environmental degradation, and morality, she produces large oil paintings of hybrid creatures in distorted worlds. Fish and fish-headed women—effectively, reverse mermaids—are recurring motifs, blurring mythology with a pained surrealism; their staring, lidless eyes remind us of a beautiful, prehistoric time, while also resembling dead fish on the beach—anxious symptoms of pollution and decline. With imagery you could unpack for hours, Yata’s vivid paintings keep our attention.

Hannah Faith Yata - Take Me Seriously - fish-headed woman riding flamingo Hannah Faith Yata - fish-headed woman leaping over disintegrating torso
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Hannah Faith Yata - Moors - fish-headed women bathing in waterfall Hannah Faith Yata - Flux - strange large fishing flying in the sky Hannah Faith Yata - Unrepentant Susanna - oil painting of tribal lion-headed figure Hannah Faith Yata - fish-headed god-like creature with phallic and psychedelic decorations Hannah Faith Yata - The Insanity Defense - painting of rabbit-headed man in psychedelic landscape
Images © Hannah Faith Yata
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