Pichi&Avo: Graffiti Art x Greek Mythology

classical art sculpture painted on wall by pichi&avo

Classical art lives on, even in graffiti. That might be a bit of a surprise, but characters from Greek Mythology are softly shaded with spray paints and traditional tagging added here and there to compose various murals. It’s all brilliantly done by Pichi&Avo, the duo from Spain who met in 2007 and since then became great friends and collaborators. They’ve been traveling all over Europe to paint iconic pieces, such as their biggest one including Greeks and a Trojan (like Homero, Achilles, and Menelaus) painted on shipping containers at the Rock Werchter festival in Belgium.

classical art meets urban art by  pichi&avo

big mural with sculptural figures, by  pichi&avo

close-up of hand, by pichi&avo

david (michelangelo) graffiti piece by  pichi&avo

troyan figures painted on blocks, graffiti by pichi&avo

sculptural figure, graffiti by  pichi&avo

sculpture art graffiti by pichi&avo

Photos © Pichi&Avo

Via Graffiti Art Magazine and Street Art News