The Epic 2018 London Tattoo Convention

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Tattoo artists wait years for an exclusive invite from The London Tattoo Convention—a great honor to be included in the annual event organized by Miki Vialetto and the Tattoo Life magazine team. It is considered one of best conventions in the world and tattooists like Carlos Torres have stated it is “the Super Bowl,” Benjamin Laukis says it not to be missed, Phatt German comments “the best tattoos in the world just strolling around,” and Johnny Domus addresses how important it was to be invited for the first time this year, after years of waiting. For the artists and spectators it is the place to be late September, every year, at the Tobacco Dock in London.

2018 attracted even more spectators, enormous crowds hovered and admired the works of Ami James, Chris Garver, Ryan Ashley Malarkey, Lewisink, Gakkin, Federico Rabelo, Orient Ching, Hanumatra, Xoil, and many others.

Above: An impressive bodysuit inked by Diaozuo from Taiwan.
back tattoo by phatt german, tattoo events
Roses and skull form a massive back piece by Phatt German.
Closeup of portrait tattoo by Adrien Machete
Courteous Adriaan Machete explains he is still in the outlining phase and will add color to his design.
johnny domus neotraditional tattoo on arm
Specializing in neotraditional tattoos, Johnny Domus finishes up his client.
asian tattoo on legs by kevin marr, tattoo coverage
Spectacular leg work by Kevin Marr, specializing in Japanese tattoo art.
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ryan ashley marakey tattooing arm at convention
Ryan Ashley Malarkey was one of the artists tattooing in “The Great Gallery” at Tobacco Dock.
Daruma goya outlining tattoo on back, convention
Daruma Goya goes all in Japanese style at The London Tattoo Convention.
kamil mocet tattooing back piece at event
Kamil Mocet won third place “Best of Show” at The London Tattoo Convention.
shige yellow blaze leg tattoos
Shige finalizes a client’s bodysuit with a skeleton design on his leg.
teresa sharpe drawing, preparing a tattoo flash
“Best Ink” season 2 winner Teresa Sharpe heavily focused on sketching.
Dillon forte geometric tattoo
Known for sacred geometry tattoos, Dillon Forte worked on “Ancient Atlantis/Egyptian non-terrestrial piece.”
ami james interviewed by scene360, adriana de barros
Adriana de Barros (from Scene360) conducted an exclusive interview with Ami James.
tabacco dock, tattoo convention in london
An inside view of Tabacco Docks, a massive and beautifully renovated warehouse in East End of London.
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