The Norse God Tattoo: Interview with Carlos Torres

carlos torres tattooing at the london tattoo convention
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While setting up his new studio in 2017 named The Raven and The Wolves in Long Beach, California, Carlos Torres was also attending the London Tattoo Convention—where we met up with him for an interview.

He worked three days straight on a massive Norse god tattoo in his typical black and grey inks on client Jo Crow. His love for black-and-white photography and the work of painting masters like Caravaggio have enormously reflected on his tattoo art. Most of what he does has been self-taught, and a lot of his designs are based on footage he shoots himself. He goes the extra mile to create unique concepts—tattoos that are so full of depth, dimension and movement that they keep impressing convention crowds as well as online ones. Despite his obvious career success of two decades, he doesn’t let it go to his head, he is a very grounded, and an amazing creative individual.

carlos torres epic tattoo on leg, london tattoo convention
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close up of carlos torres tattooer Jo Crow client getting her leg tattooed Model Jo Crow final tattoo on leg by carlos torres, london tattoo convention
Tattoo art © Carlos Torres
Photos and Film © Scene360

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