The Freehanded Blackwork of Curly Moore

Tattooist Andreas “Curly” Moore has 95% of his body tattooed, including his partner Jacqui—together they are considered the “Most tattooed couple in Britain.” The artist has even used a mirror to ink his ear and other body parts. He’s been working in the tattoo field for over 20 years and has been on such high demand that customers wait up to a year to get a session with him. He’s old-school, freehanding all his elaborate black-ink designs on his clients, “dense and intense, with no help from stencils or bollocks computers,” he comments. From genitals to feet, he has inked a bit of everything over time; recently tattooing the neck and head of colleague Darryll Richards. You can also find Moore’s work published in “Black Tattoo Art 2.”

blackwork, geometric tattoo on neck

abstract geometric back tattoo

geometric blackwork on neck, neotribal

bodysuit blackwork, neotribal

leg tattoos, blackwork

head tattoo blackwork

leg tattoos, blackwork

Images © Curly Moore