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Suzanna Scott Turns Coin Purses into Symbols of Female Empowerment

'Coin Cunts' collection by Suzanna Scott

Artist Suzanna Scott reconstructs everyday objects as powerful comments on gender and equality. Her most prominent is an ongoing series of works called “Coin Cunts,” in which coin purses are turned inside out and sewn to form colorful representations of female genitalia. “In our new reality of untruths and the resurgence of misogynistic and racist undercurrents in the United States,” she writes, “the ‘Coin Cunts’ stand as a visual symbol of empowerment and equality for all women (including cisgender, transgender and gender-nonconforming).” Each piece is “as distinct just as every human is unique” and provides a voice to marginalized groups.

Although “Coin Cunts” comprises a large part of Scott’s work, she uses other fibers to create pieces pertaining to the human body—both male and female.

'Coin Cunts' purse by Suzanna Scott

coin purses various colors, vaginas

'Coin Cunts' purse by Suzanna Scott

coin purse, female body parts

'Coin Cunts' purse by Suzanna Scott

'Coin Cunts' purse collection by Suzanna Scott

cloth vagina

Fiber art inspired by human genitalia by Suzanna Scott

Images © Suzanna Scott