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Suzanna Scott Turns Coin Purses into Symbols of Female Empowerment

Artist Suzanna Scott reconstructs everyday objects as powerful comments on gender and equality. Her most prominent is an ongoing series of works called “Coin Cunts,” in which coin purses are turned inside out and sewn to form colorful representations of female genitalia. “In our new reality of untruths and the resurgence of misogynistic and racist […]

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Nature’s Beautiful Tragedy Explored in Illustration by Teagan White

Illustrator Tegan White cites “picking wildflowers” and “collecting animal bones” as some of her hobbies. Both of them show up in some of her latest pieces (gouache and watercolor on paper), which highlight the beautiful decay of creatures—a concept that White is particularly interested in. Specifically, the larger scope of her work is about “nature’s […]

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Tattoo Artists Recreate Egon Schiele Masterpieces

Egon Schiele normalized nudity, and it landed him in jail. Along with his mentor, Gustav Klimt, he was accused of peddling smut. He did enjoy drawing strong women who spread their legs with confidence, never shame. But he also loved casual nakedness, sketching people as they relaxed or dried their hair. His figures were neither virgins […]

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Nychos’ Trademark Dissection of Idols and Creatures

Graffiti artist Nychos grew up in the forested state of Styria in Austria. His dad and grandfather were both hunters; smelly animal corpses, guts and bones were commonly in sight and part of the artist’s everyday life. He once killed a fox, but it was the first and last time, as Nychos was not destined […]

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Reimagining Biology: Freaky Anatomical Sculptures by 10 International Artists

We humans really like to explore our own biology. And the biology of animals. And even the biology of beings that don’t actually exist, but somehow always manages to be very similar to ours. When the exploration is done in the name of science, knowledge emerges. When biological exploration is done as an expression of […]

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Secret Portals to Other Galaxies: The Art of Juan Osorno

These human subjects illustrated by Juan Osorno could be part of a freak show—from a vanishing man to ladies and gents with wormhole faces leading to new universes. There is a bit of humor and irony to his sketches (titled “Internal Studies“) that explore the mind of these individuals and our planetary existence. It is […]

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Visceral Collaboration Depicts Organs From the Inside Out

Note: Contains nudity. Photographer Paola Rojas H. and illustrator David PĂ©rez collaborated on “Visceral,” a series of portraits that depict the body from the inside out. PĂ©rez has used two colors, red and blue, to create anatomical drawings of organs and then rendered them on models’ skin. The hues have symbolic meaning and represent instincts: […]

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The Anatomy of Fashion

Italian fashion photographer Lucia Giacani has a naturally feminine style, which manifests itself in different forms, for different clients, particularly in her campaigns for international brands like Moschino. The eye-catching photographs published here are typical of her eccentric, highly visual look. The medical anatomy of the animal kingdom is combined with a fashion aesthetic to create an […]